The RZ-1 A-wing interceptor, more commonly referred to as simply the A-wing, is an interceptor for the New Republic in Star Wars: Squadrons.

Description[edit | edit source]

"By far the fastest and most agile starfighter in the New Republic's lineup, the A-wing interceptor is built for dogfighting. While it is handy at taking out turrets on capital ships to clear the way for the heavy-hitters, the A-wing is better suited for forging ahead and tearing through enemy starfighters. Its weak hull and shields mean that it can't endure much damage, but its speed and maneuverability make it a difficult target to hit and allow it to fly circles around its opponents."

Overview[edit | edit source]

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The A-wing is the smallest and fastest ship in the New Republic's lineup, specializing in chasing down enemy starfighters. The A-wing has the second-lowest total health of any starfighter in Squadrons at 1,000, second only to the TIE Interceptor with 775. It makes up for this by being extremely quick, with extremely high max speed, acceleration, and maneuverability, and having a very small frame. The A-wing deals high damage to enemy starfighters, but can't go up against Capital Ships due to its low health.

Default Loadout[edit | edit source]

Laser Cannon.png Repair Kit.png Anti-Starfighter Missle.png Seeker Warheads.png Ferroceramic Hull.png
Laser Cannon Repair Kit Quick-Lock Missile Seeker Warheads Ferroceramic Hull
Deflector Shield.png Sublight Engine.png
Deflector Shield Sublight Engine

Available Components[edit | edit source]

Primary Weapons[edit | edit source]

Plasburst Cannon.png Rapid Fire Cannon.png Ion Cannon.png
Plasburst Cannon Rapid Fire Cannon Ion Cannon

Auxiliaries[edit | edit source]

Seeker Mine.png Rockets.png Cluster Missle.png Ion Rocket.png Targeting Jammer.png
Seeker Mine Rockets Cluster Missile Ion Rockets Targeting Jammer

Countermeasures[edit | edit source]

Chaff Particles.png Sensor Jammer.png Sensor Inverter.png
Chaff Particles Sensor Jammer Sensor Inverter

Hulls[edit | edit source]

Dampener Hull.png Laminasteel Hull.png Reflec Hull.png
Dampener Hull Laminasteel Hull Reflec Hull

Shields[edit | edit source]

Scrambler Shield.png Nimble Deflector.png Overloaded Shield.png
Scrambler Shield Nimble Deflector Overloaded Shield

Engines[edit | edit source]

Microthrust Engine.png Propulsion Engine.png Thrust Engine.png
Microthrust Engine Propulsion Engine Thrust Engine

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

The A-wing first appeared in the 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, directed by Richard Marquand.

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