Fleet Battles is a mode in Star Wars: Squadrons.[1]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Fleet Battles is a signature 5 versus 5 mode where you have to complete different stages in order to progress through. In Fleet Battles, you can either combat AI or another squadron of 5 players. Playing against other players is possible by doing ranked battles.

Fleet Battles consists of multi-stage conflicts, starting with a dogfight in the center of the map, followed by an attack on or defense of two medium-sized capital ships, culminating with the destruction of the subsystems of your opponents' massive flagships (either a Star Destroyer or a MC75 Star Cruiser).[1]

Detailed summary[edit | edit source]

The first phase of Fleet Battles involves destroying enough opponents to advance into the second phase. The tide of the current Fleet Battle is decided by Morale; depending on the team's current Morale count, they may either proceed to attack, or be pushed towards defense.

The second phase involves attacking the enemy's Capital Ships, either a pair of New Republic Nebulon-B Frigates or Imperial Light Cruisers, while the enemy has to defend them. Outside of this phase, Capital Ships are used for resupplying; this capability is disabled while defending. Once a Capital Ship is destroyed, it could no longer be used. When both Capital Ships are destroyed, the next phase may begin. The attackers are assisted by a New Republic CR-90 Corvette or an Imperial Raider.

The third and last phase involves attacking the enemy's Flagship, either a New Republic MC-75 or an Star Destroyer. Players must punch through the Flagship's tough shields so they are able to attack the hull itself. Certain subsystems, when destroyed, may hinder the Flagship's capabilities. The match ends when the Flagship is destroyed.

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