Your starfighter can reach max speed and stop quickly. Great for out-flying enemies trying to get behind you.

- In-game description

Propulsion Engine.png

The Propulsion Engine is a Engine component in Star Wars: Squadrons. It is available for all Fighter, Interceptor, and Support-class starfighters. For Imperial fighters, it is called the Twin Propulsion Engine. For Republic ships, it's called the Quadex Propulsion Engine.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Propulsion Engine increases your starfighter's acceleration and deceleration.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Acceleration 100%
Maneuverability -10%
Ship Max Speed Max Acceleration Maneuverability
TIE Fighter 150.0 422.0 72.0
TIE Interceptor 170.0 512.0 76.5
TIE Reaper 130.0 288.0 63.0
TIE Defender 130.0 512.0 68.4
X-wing 145.0 320.0 67.5
A-wing 160.0 392.0 72.0
U-wing 130.0 288.0 63.0
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